We want students TOHA1to take charge of their own learning and to understand math conceptually, not just procedurally, so that they can apply their skills flexibly and creatively.  In our classes, students are encouraged to view concepts and algorithms as tools in their own ever-expanding personal toolbox. Once they’ve mastered a set of tools, the next goal is to use them in diverse situations. We incorporate materials from math competitions because the problems posed require students to select appropriate mathematical tools and combine them in non-routine ways. The need to consider relationships among concepts tends to instill a deep and robust understanding of mathematics.

Creative Problem Solving I
Suitable for 3rd and 4th graders

Exercise your problem-solving muscles!  In this course, students are introduced to the creative side of math and have a chance to start thinking of themselves as future mathletes.  We work our way through selections from the widely acclaimed Art of Problem Solving‘s Beast Academy Level 3 exercise books (covering such topics as shape classification, skip-counting, perimeter and area) and from past Math Olympiad exams for Elementary and Middle Schools.

Creative Problem Solving II
Suitable for students in grades 6 through 8TOHMathReflection

Many middle-school students, especially those who are strong in math, are intimidated when they first glance at competition math problems.  Don’t be!  In this class, we work our way through various types of challenging problems.  Students learn how to find the appropriate tools to solve them, developing the skills and experience needed to walk confidently into the two premier middle school math competitions, the AMC 8 (November 18, 2014) and MathCounts (February 2015).

Creative Problem Solving III

Suitable for students in grades 9 and up, and for strong performers on the AMC8

Strong math students push their high school math concepts up a notch as we work through problems and techniques from the AMC 10 and AMC 12. A fun challenge for those who want to try math problems outside the box.

Math Lab:  Elementary

Students in this course review and deepen their understanding of the elementary mathematical concepts typically introduced in grades 3 through 7.  Students are encouraged to take charge of their own math “tool box,” recognizing explicitly which concepts they have completely mastered and which may still be a bit fuzzy.  In addition to group work on important concepts, each student has an account on Kahn Academy for practice and assessment with TOH serving as “coach” providing individualized guidance and assistance.

Math Lab:  Intermediate

This course offers a review and expansion on elementary math concepts through pre-algebra.  The structure of the class is similar to Math Lab: Elementary, with a portion of the lesson being group work and a portion individualized practice and coaching.

Math Lab: Regents Algebra Support

This course is designed for students taking their first high school level mathematics course who would like additional review.  We focus on areas of difficulty in the Algebra I curriculum. The transition underway to the new Common Core State Standards has negatively impacted eighth grade students’ results on statewide mathematics exams. (Compare your district’s 2012 and 2013 results.) The new exams cover material with which many students have little familiarity. In addition to absorbing the “eighth grade” material, students in advanced math must master the topics covered in Integrated Algebra. This class gives students an extra opportunity to study this large body of material and sort out any confusions before taking the Integrated Algebra exam.

Pre-assessments for proper class placement are available and encouraged.